Monet’s Garden in Giverny: The Best Tips For Visiting

TweetShare14Pin244Share258 Shares If you’re in Paris and looking for easy day trips, visiting Monet’s Garden is your answer. Located in Giverny, where Monet lived and died, it’s a must-see attraction. The garden is a sight to behold all year round, but it’s especially breathtaking during July – August when the water lilies are in full bloom. To make the most […]

16 Brilliant Gadgets for Campervans

TweetSharePinShare0 Shares Having the right gadgets for campervans can make all the difference to your motor-homing or vanlife experience. Check out my list of the 16 best gadgets for campers and motorhomes. This is all the tech and products that I’ve used each day in my own camper van conversion, any time I hit the road. Navigation Gadgets for Campervans […]

10 Unforgettable Things to Do in Normandy, France

TweetShare26Pin2Share28 Shares If you’re new to France, Normandy is an excellent place to start your journey. Known as the historical Duchy of Normandy, this northern French region is famous for its D-Day beaches. However, Normandy has much more to offer, such as the iconic Mont-Saint-Michel, the lovely Monet Garden, and the stunning Bayeux Tapestry. This comprehensive guide highlights ten must-see […]

31 Unmissable Things to Do in Vietnam

TweetSharePin966Share966 Shares Today’s Vietnam is a busy, noisy one, racing to catch up with the progress of China to the north and Thailand to the west. And while it can be confusing and annoying at times, you’ll soon discover a country with a rich and painful past looking towards a bright and hopeful future. Unfortunately, the famous conflict of the […]

The 25 Best Things to Do in Cambodia All Year Round

TweetSharePin2Share2 Shares Of all the things we expected to do and see in Cambodia, being shocked, heartbroken and speechless, was never part of our itinerary. Cambodia has a history that is both glorious and horrifying in equal measure. Once the head of an empire that stretched out across the entire region, the immense ancient Khmer temples of Angkor serve as […]

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) – All You Need to Know

TweetSharePinShare0 Shares Muay Thai (alternatively known as Thai boxing) is Thailand’s national sport, drawing in tons of practitioners and viewers who want to try their hand at this high-octane combat sport. While the sport in itself is an exciting spectacle, there’s also a rich history surrounding the origins and practices of Muay Thai. This is why this form of boxing […]

Things to Do in Cognac, Home of the Famous French Spirit

TweetShare15Pin257Share272 Shares Some of the best things to do in Cognac are visiting the cognac houses, tasting the double-distilled spirits, enjoying strolls along the river and chilling in the park. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in this post. Situated on the river Charente between Angoulême and Saintes, you can already guess what Cognac is renowned for. This town in […]